Inspection & Control

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Our services help to protect the interests of your company through :


  • Quality and Quantity Control
  • Pre-shipment inspections and controls
  • Lightening inspections
  • Ship to Ship transfer
  • Custody transfer inspection
  • Sampling and analysis
  • Gas and volatile organic compounds sampling
    (Explosivity & toxicity for works and/or Hot works)
  • Cargo dying, additive treatment
  • Draft survey
  • Super cargo / Heavy lift

Inspection and survey of Quantity and Quality is carried out by our Independent expert  inspectors for loading / unloading of Crude Oil, Petroleum products,LPG and Chemicals.


We  specialise in inspection & container survey services such as loading /unloading and intact seal condition.

  • Inspection of weight, quantity / quality condition, dimension, packing, marking export / import cargoes, tally & supervision loading / unloading.
  • Damage & loss prevention inspection & survey goods.
  • On hire, off hire & function of container survey & inspection.


We provide  inspection and testing services that ensure both quality of the product used and the quantity delivered.

Furthermore, all of our testing protocols are in full compliance with the current ISO in respect of specifications.