Our Inspectors

Our strength lies in our independence and knowledge. We understand the importance of prompt and effective service and apply stringent policies to ensure the best possible results everytime.



Our Inspectors have at leat 20 years experience in oil inspection services (Consulting & Expertise) :


  • Quantity and quality inspections on vessels loading and unloading petroleum cargoe, crude oil, chemical products and liquefied gases.
  • STS Operations.
  • Bunker survey.
  • Operating as loading master for D.P.F terminal.
  • Terminal Draft survey.
  • Crude oil washing monitoring.
  • Cargo dying, Additivation.
  • Loss control consultant.
  • Storage audit.
  • Stocks and goods inventory.
  • Analysis verification.


World Wide Superintendence Countries coveredmappemonde


Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cameroon, Congo, Cuba, Egypt, Estonia, France, Gabon, Germany, Greece, Italy, Ivory Coast, Lebanon, Morocco, Netherlands, Romania, Singapore, Scotland, Senegal, Slovenia, Spain, Sicily, Sweden, Thailand, Tunisia, United Kingdom, USA




Ports we service


Australia & New Zealand, Far East,

North and South America,

North and South Africa,

Middle East including Salalah, Djebel Ali, Dubai, Port Said, Jeddah



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Maersk line, Cma-Cgm, Kline, Cosco line,

Yang Ming line, Mitsui line, MSC line, Zim line,

UASC line, APL/NOL line, Evergreen line,

Misc line, NYK line, Hunydai line, Hanjin line